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Yeast infections have caused 70% of discomfort among women. The annoyance and embarrassment it brings are not to be taken lightly. But in every problem, there is a solution. And the solution for this problem is YeastClear. Hands down, YeastClear is our top pick among the other yeast infection and anti-fungal treatments. (See complete results below)

We have made a survey and the choice is a no-brainer. Women who have suffered from any form of yeast infection choose YeastClear. Unlike other treatments, YeastClear is specially formulated to put the Candida yeast under control and restore the good bacteria in our digestive tract.

YeastClear is specially formulated to help restore the pH and alkaline levels of the body. Since yeast thrives in environments with high acid level, YeastClear controls the environment where these yeasts thrive by balancing the acid levels of the body. This stops and suppresses the growth of yeast.

YeastClear’s components do not just remove the symptoms and provide relief, but it really goes down deep into the core of the problem by completely eliminating the cause of the problem which is the Candida yeast.

YeastClear’s Solution for a Complex Problem

YeastClear has four strains of probiotics – Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus subtilis, Bifidobacterium longgum, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus – which are necessary to bring back the balance our body needs. These probiotics also restores and strengthens the immune system.

These four strains of probiotics in YeastClear are good bacteria which protect and battles the bad bacteria. YeastClear makes these bacteria thrive. And when these probiotics become active, it attacks the bad bacteria which cause the infection.

To make these good bacteria multiply and thrive, Fructo Oligosaccharides is added and serves as food to these bacteria as they enter the intestine. And to further maintain the balance, anti fungal agents such as Undycylenic Acid and Enterococcus Faecium are added together with the Vitamins C, B1, B2, and B6. These agents and vitamins balance the body’s intestinal and vaginal flora.

YeastClear is the Clear Yeast Infection and Candida Solution

Since YeastClear uses all-natural ingredients, it is completely safe without posing a threat to the vaginal tissues. The manufacturers have understood that if the main cause of yeast is not directly eliminated, it could become a recurring problem with more serious aftermaths. So it has been made sure that YeastClear follow the strict guidelines set by the US government on drugs and supplements.

YeastClear is manufactured in a GMP-approved facility under the supervision of the FDA. GMP or Good Manner Practices Certification is issued by National Nutritional Food’s Association to manufacturers of supplements. Having this certification ensures consumers that supplements, such as YeastClear, are manufactured according to the highest standards. It also puts the consumers’ minds to ease that the facilities from which these supplements are manufactured pass the performance standards of quality control, cleanliness, and the receiving and testing of the raw materials.

From the numerous companies that make supplements, only forty companies have been given the GMP certification by the NNFA, and YeastClear’s facilities are one of them. Having this seal and certification, consumers can be assured that YeastClear is not a substandard supplement.

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